Our Expertise
We know every problem is different, so we’ll combine our expertise
with an understanding of your IT issues to determine the best
resolution. We provide supplemental technical resources onsite
to our clients in a variety of areas including:
  • Client server and Web development
  • Database administration
  • Mainframe applications
  • System development and support
  • Project management
  • Network management
If you have a need that isn’t listed, give us a call. We
love a challenge and live to provide IT solutions of all
kinds. And, if we can’t help you out, we’ll let you know.
It’s all part of our culture of honesty and complete
client satisfaction.
A word about Dataquest Health Systems,
our other division...
In 2002, Dataquest Inc, formed Dataquest Health
Systems (DHS), a division of Dataquest Inc.
This addition filled a need in the design and
development of software for the Drug and Alcohol
and Mental Health Rehabilitation Industries.
To help providers manage their patients, DHS
developed ClientSuite, a web-based application
that simplifies an otherwise painstaking paperwork
process. This software offers significant features
and innovations. For additional information,
visit www.clientsuite.com.