Consultant Testimonials
Life is good at Dataquest. Just ask anyone who works for us.

"There are many benefits of being a Dataquest consultant. As an employee, I feel respected
and valued. Management has always been open, honest, and fair with me. I’ve also found that
Dataquest consultants are always the most experienced consultants."
-Michael Henry

"Dataquest gives you the best of working in the IT field. You make a great salary and you
have the opportunity to gain a variety of experience in different IT shops. Management
trusts you to do your job and respects you as a professional."
-Bryan Miller

"I’ve worked for Dataquest for 13 years. The Dataquest office staff has always seemed to be
looking out for my best interests and has always provided quick assistance when called upon.
There are many benefits to working there including a high level of independence, a generous
compensation package, and great administrative support. Working for Dataquest has also
given me the opportunity to work for different clients and meet an array of IT professionals,
thus broadening my IT knowledge, experience and network."
-Scott Kreiger

"Dataquest has a good reputation with the client. I think they are the best IT consulting
company in our area. They provide good pay, including hourly instead of salary so you
get paid for each hour you work. The Dataquest office does a good job of taking care of
tax and insurance work and has provided me with steady work for 11 years now."
-Kyle Bonds