Professional Services
Dataquest offers staffing solutions to suit your particular needs. Whether you need expe-
rienced, entry level, or certified staff, we will work with your needs to provide you with the
personnel you need. We provide both short-term and long-term placements.

Dataquest doesn’t just fill positions. We fill positions with the right person for the right job. To do
this, we listen to you. We understand your needs and concerns. We get to know your corporate
culture and environment. Bottom line: we listen to and get to know you. Then, we coordinate
interviews and match the perfect professional to your need. It’s all part of our commitment to
make your life easier and your business better. Here are just some of the areas we address.

Client Server and Web Development - Provide experienced staff to create a stable client
server network through:
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology analysis and purchasing recommendations
  • Web development to interact seamlessly with server
  • Database Administration - Your data is your business. Our onsite staff will:
    • Design, implement, maintain, and repair your organization’s database
    • Recommend appropriate DBMS software
    • Secure the database to ensure integrity
    • Improve performance and allow for expansion
Mainframe Applications - Our expert staff will support your mainframe system by designing
and developing mainframe applications to interface with your network.

System Development and Support - An efficient, secure IT system can mean the difference
between profits and losses. Our team can develop the right system for your company by:
  • Performing needs analysis and identifying system shortcomings
  • Identifying requirements and specs for new system
  • Designing the most appropriate system
  • Building the system based on design
  • Implementing, monitoring and maintaining the new system
Project Management - Only about 30% of IT projects are completed successfully because IT
projects are difficult to plan and even more difficult to execute. Don’t be part of this statistic. Our
experienced staff knows what it takes to complete the job on schedule and under budget. Our
team can help you:
  • Plan - Identify project needs, risks, steps and resources needed to complete project.
  • Execute - Carry out deliverables identified in planning. Manage team to complete tasks
    on time and under budget.
  • Monitor - Monitor project milestones an adjust course accordingly.
  • Close - Complete project and finalize last steps. Develop system for post-project
Network Management - Our expert staff will direct your network through:
  • Operation - Monitor network to identify, prevent and mitigate problems.
  • Administration - Track and manage network resources.
  • Maintenance - Perform routine repairs and upgrade system as necessary.