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A Message from Chris

Dataquest has a longstanding commitment to building solid, lasting relationships with both our clients and our consultants- making good on both sides of the equation of our tag line: "Rewarding IT Partnerships." Since the beginning, we’ve built our client base and hired and retained strong talent by adhering to the guiding principles of any rewarding relationship: honesty, integrity, competency, and fairness.

Over the years, we have grown and evolved as a business, but inside, we're the same locally-owned and operated company. We’re a company that has distinguished itself through superior quality, with a commitment to old-fashioned values. We’re fortunate in that our field consultants contribute to our continued success. We have experienced an impressive growth rate with minimal turnover. This is a direct result of our commitment to doing business in a fair and honest fashion. We’ve also maintained an impressive number of long-term clients. When we started Dataquest, we believed that good people would attract good people. As we approach the end of our second decade in business, we’re happy to report that it is true.

Dataquest President's Message

If you share the same values and are interested in working with or for Dataquest, there's plenty of information on our Web site that will help you learn more. And, always feel free to call so that we may personally address your questions. See for yourself how Dataquest builds Rewarding IT Partnerships.

Chris Rounsville
President, Dataquest Inc.

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